my jewelry: handmade uniques

handcrafted uniques

…when people ask me: “What kind of jewelry do you make? What is your style?” I say: “I don’t have ONE!”
I have a bunch of styles!

I like to create cool and classy jewelry, the kind that is straightforward. I like to make it all romantic, flowery, delicate. I like to make big and massive jewelry. I like to give jewelry a funny, unexpected twist.
Wouldn’t it be boring to stick with one stye only?

But two things they all have in common:
First thing is: I just won’t make the kind of jewelry you can buy at any jewelers’ shop!
Because I want my jewelry to be unique! And since every single piece is a unique all my customers can be absolutely sure that they will wear a piece of jewelry nobody else has!
Second is: I only work with true materials. My jewelry is not plated or coated. If it looks like gold, it is gold! And every piece is made with technical know-how and best craftsmanship. It will be just as good and beautiful when you are ready to hand it down to your grandchildren!